Jurnal Edukasi Generasi Emas (JEGE) is a scientific publication in the field of research articles and article review relating to early childhood education. This journal aims to facilitate scientific works from students, academics and researchers. JEGE contains a variety of educational disciplines in early childhood education. The article through a review process to maintain consistency in scientific disciplines that can contribute to the development of early childhood education.

JEGE has a focus on themes relating to early childhood learning, child development, parenting, policy, and other early childhood findings that are useful for early childhood education. Learning media and educational game tools for early childhood; Traditional games for early childhood; Learning and assessment of early childhood development; Models of education learning for early childhood; Methods and approaches of early childhood learning; Character education for early childhood; Exclusive reportage of early childhood education; Parenting andchild protection; Literacy education for early childhood

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Vol 1 No 1 (2022): Jurnal Edukasi Generasi Emas
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Diterbitkan: 2022-10-18


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