Assistance and Development of Marketing Strategy Through Digitization in MSMEs Fried Onion and Baso Seasoning in Tolengas Village


  • Tita Kartika Universitas Sebelas April
  • Fanji Farman Universitas Sebelas April


Mentoring, Development, Marketing Strategy, Digitalization


Community Service Activities are carried out for MSME actors with Fried Onion and Baso Seasoning with the aim of opening more innovative and creative business opportunities through information obtained from online media and utilizing social media as marketing digitalization to be able to develop their business. Marketing carried out by MSMEs Fried Onion and Baso Seasoning is done conventionally, not optimizing the role of digital in product marketing. MSME actors only sell locally, only within the city so that the market coverage is not so wide. To develop a marketing strategy through digitalization, it is necessary to carry out socialization and marketing training through social media, attractive product packaging, and logo creation as product identity so as to optimize the role of social media in marketing their products.