Author Guideline

The corresponding or submitting author submits the research article by using online system of this journal.. Author Guidelines can be downloaded on the following pages.

Here are author guidelines for JIKSA Journal :

  1. The manuscript can be written using Indonesian. The author must write an article in accordance with the journal format, as in the template of this journal [link].
  2. The article contains the background and purpose of research, related studies, methods to solve the problem, results, and discussion, conclusions and suggestions, reference list. 
  3. The manuscript should contain the following section in this order : Tittle, Author's Name, Author's Affiliation, Abstract, Keyword, Introduction, Methods, Result, Discussion, Conclusion,  Acknowledgment (if needed), and reference list. 
  4. The submitted article must be written with a maximum of 10 pages. You can send it by JIKSA Journal address at the following this [link]. The author must log in first to send article. The submission guide can be downloaded on the following pages.
  5. Citation and reference writing are written using Reference Manager (Mendeley or End Note). The numbering refers to the list of references used or using APA Style. References are written in alphabetical order. Minimum referral number 60-70% taken from journal. Year published reference minimal from last 10 years. Avoid referral in the form of personal communication (personal communication). The article must be submitted in the format described in the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th ed., 2009). Please refer to this website for a free APA Style tutorial: