Peer Review Process

The corresponding or submitting author submits the research article by using online system of this journal. The peer review process starts once research article is submitted by the author. The Editorial Office checks that the paper adheres to the requirements described in the journal’s Author Guidelines. The quality of the paper is not assessed at this point. The editor in chief checks assesses the paper, considering its scope, originality and merits. After submission, research article will be sent for assessment by reviewer. The research article submitted to this journal will be peer-reviewed by 2 (two) or more expert reviewers. The reviewers give scientific valuable comments improving the contents of the manuscript. The reviewers are asked to assess the originality, validity, and relevance of research article with the focus and scope and author guideline of this journal. The editor sends a decision email to the author including any relevant reviewer comments. Comments will be anonymous if the journal follows a single-anonymous or double-anonymous peer review model. Journals with following an open or transparent peer review model will share the identities of the reviewers with the author(s). If accepted, the paper is sent to production. If the article is rejected or sent back for either major or minor revision, the handling editor should include constructive comments from the reviewers to help the author improve the article. At this point, reviewers should also be sent an email or letter letting them know the outcome of their review. If the paper was sent back for revision, the reviewers should expect to receive a new version, unless they have opted out of further participation. However, where only minor changes were requested this follow-up review might be done by the handling editor.